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Many people died, many houses were taken by the flood. Many people are left without food and clothes in addition to that, the hardship of life due to covid-19 the life is very difficult for the people of Uvira. By seeing the people of Uvira you quickly see how a desperate person look like. 


In April 2020 we went to help the people of Uvira after the terrible  disaster of flood.  We found many people without homes, food, clothes, etc. We prayed with them and brought the the word of encouragement from the word of God and finally we gave them food and clothes.

They were so grateful but the need remained great for them. Last week on June 8, 2020 through the donation of Christians from United State of America we were able to send clothes for many people in Uvira. We are so grateful to all our friends standing with us until now. You are a great blessing to Tracy's Heart and the blessing to the people of Congo. 

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