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Mama BRENDA and HARKEMAS have arrived in Bukavu from Kigali Airport yesterday on Sunday. Being so tired after a very long journey their joy was great to meet the people they love dearly.

Today Monday although Mama BRENDA was so tired she couldn’t help spend her Monday without seeing tracy’s mamas, she managed to come at the office and meet the mamas even she had to take a rest today.

Tracy’s mamas were taken by a great joy seeing mama BRENDA coming to see them.

She found mamas are making clothes. Being surprised on how they are improving their way of making clothes she encouraged them to continue being attentive to what they are taught by teachers because it is a gift from God for them.

The arrival of mama BRENDA at the office of Tracy’s Heart Foundation this Monday has brought a great hope to mamas and a great encouragement.

Many people came to see her and expressed their joy of seeing her coming back.

It is the case of the leadership of CECA among them Pastor MUGANZA, Pastor MWATI from Mwenga, Pastor BATUNVANO from the church of CECA Tanzania.

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