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It is with great emotion and overflowing joy that Tracy’s Heart welcomed its founder Brenda Buell

She arrived in Bukavu last week from the USA, It was around 11:00 a.m. that her vehicle arrived at the gate of the Tracy's office enclosure. The mamas, students and all the workers of Tracy's Heart were lined up from the enclosure door to the office door to express their joy to the one they affectionately call mama Brenda.

The founder of Tracy's Heart began by greeting everyone in turn until arriving in front of two students who were waiting for her with flowers to express their welcome.

This was followed by a moment of worship and prayer in honor to God who protected Mama Brenda during all her time in the USA. Samuel spoke first. He based his speech on John1 to explain how Christ gave us the power to become children of God and directly become members of the family of God, so there are no more blacks or whites but we all form one family with God as our father.

Unga on his part urged mamas who are in training and students to seize this opportunity given to them by mama Brenda to study seriously and thus prepare for their future. For her part Byabeca, the Director of Tracy's Heart, gave the word of welcome to Brenda and thanked her for her love for vulnerable people in Congo.

When it was Mama Brenda's turn to speak she thanked everyone for the welcome and explained how much she has a heart for the Congolese She said she will continue to work for the well being of the Congolese. We finished with a party that had been organized for the occasion of the arrival of Mama Brenda.

Note that Tracy's Heart is an organization located in Congo. It trains women and children from poor families to enable them to become better and thus have a better life in the future.


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