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Brenda and sandy arrived in Bukavu on Thursday September 30, 2021; their arrival was a blessing to many people, especially to the mamas of Tracy's heart foundation. On Friday October 1, 2021, Mama Sandy arrived for the first time at the new Tracy’s Heart office to visit the Tracy’s Heart new place.

On Monday October 4, 2021, mamas Brenda and Sandy had a great time once again with the mamas of Tracy's heart foundation but also with the workers of this organization.Without resting, on Tuesday October 05, a new school project began with the distribution of school kits (Bags, notebooks, pen and shoes) to vulnerable children in the city of Bukavu.

Mama Brenda and Sandy helped out with the distribution of these kits. The founder had the time with children to explain the reason of this project which aims to give a chance to Bukavu children to have a good education. The name of the school is "BUELL SCHOOL". According to Mama Brenda, it is thanks to the help of Christians from the United States of America that all these projects have been made possible.

`'' We have prayed a lot for the creation of this school but now God gives us the answer and now we have just started the schools, you are our first students of our school, we have such a joy of welcoming you, I ask you not to forget that this school is a Christian school which aims to give glory to God. You should also follow the teacher's advice and school rules. ‘’ Said Founder Brenda Buell during her speech to children at school.

For Mama Sandy, the future of DR.CONGO is in the hands of these children, she encourages these children to attend school every day.

‘’ I encourage you to come to school every day because the future of DR.CONGO is in your hand. I will be doing consultations to find out the state of health of all of you, ’’ said in front of the children.

The medical checkup of mamas and Tracy’s coworkers began this Thursday, October 7, 2021 to find out how their health is. Medicines were offered to the sick to hope for a cure. The arrival of Brenda and Sandy is a blessing for many people in Bukavu.


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