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The BUELL school opened its doors on Monday, October 11 in Bukavu.

The BUELL school opened its doors on Monday, October 11 in Bukavu, in the presence of the founder Brenda Buell, Mama Sandy, Mama Byabeca and all the school leaders.

It is a great joy for the students this Monday, October 11, 2021, to have had the opportunity to study for free during this difficult time of coronavirus. Today 2 classes have just started 1st class and 2nd class of secondary. We expect to open other classes in the future according to the will of God.

Founder Brenda Buell asked new students to take their studies seriously because it is a chance that they have been able to study for free with the help of Christians in the United States of America, also this school must reflect the image and love of God and people will see that this place is really a place of God.

On the students’ side, they thanked the founder, teachers and all the donators who facilitated the establishment of this school for giving them the chance to study and have school supplies during the difficult and desperate time their parents are going through.

This BUELL School launch day ended with a prayer for God's accompaniment throughout these school activities.


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