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DR CONGO is among the countries where the population lives in poverty. Families have nutritional problems due to lack of adequate food because there is a problem of unemployment and a war that has lasted more than 20 years.

Tracy's Heart Foundation, in initials "T H F", is an organization (Foundation) from DR Congo.

It was created in 2008 in Bukavu, Province of South - Kivu in the Eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo.  (DRC), initially under the denomination of Tracy's Heart Center thereafter, this organization from Congo will be called "Tracy’s Heart Foundation" in initials "THF.

In DRC, its headquarters is located in Bukavu, at Athenee, No 76, and municipality of Ibanda in South-Kivu Province.

It was created following the multiple sufferings which came to  the Congolese population in South-Kivu Province especially the rape of women, the difficulties destitute and desperate women have in taking care of their families/household, the use of women in certain places of south-kivu province in particular and the DRC in general, to work the gold mines. The women agree to this work in order to survive but it exposes them to the risk of diseases.  The families experience difficulties in taking care of their children some of which work in the mines too. This program was also created to help the young girl prostitutes ( sex workers) and to fight all kinds of discriminations and abuses  committed upon the women, girls and children since the advent of various wars known in this province of the DRC.


It was because of love and compassion towards these thousands of women, girls and vulnerable children subjected to multiple sufferings that this organization "Tracy's  Heart Foundation" was created thanks to the efforts of BRENDA BUELL


Brenda Buell began returning to DR Congo in 2005 with her late husband, Ed Buell.  Together they began the Tracy's Heart Program that Brenda continues to run today.

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